Saturday, June 29, 2013

There is no "I" in a TEAM!

Indeed you can't find a the letter "I" in the word "Team" but there is something deeper in it. Each player must contribute to the plays. Not only a guy player or two must do the work but everybody must do their own dirty work. 

BurNing of DK e-Sports of China. One of the best carry in Dota2.
One example that most teams rely on is the carry. The carry is the one who must farm gold and experience more than the other roles. Well, its not bad to rely on the carry but too much relying on the carry is one bad thing. What if the carry failed to farm? or What if the carry did farm but the supports failed to support the carry? That will be one big problem to the team. 

EGM of Alliance of Sweden. Support of  Alliance Gaming.

Another probably the last is too much relying on the supports. This is so rare to happen but sometimes it does happen. This is one of the problems of the 4 protect 1 strategy of the Chinese teams where there will be 4 supports who will support the carry. That comes to the point where the carry will rely to the 4 supports. Of course, who won't rely on 4 big supports?!?! Now the carry might be overconfident and will forget his farm because of too much dependence on the 4 supports. Another big problem to the team. :(

Invictus Gaming of China. The Internationals 2 Champions who showed extreme teamwork in the game of Dota 2.

So with teamwork everything is possible or NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Strategy and Wit!

A game of strategy, and a game of wit. This is the game that I play. This is Dota2.
Dota 2 by Valve
Why a game of strategy? You need such plays or a strategy to win as a team. Good picks on heroes, good laning, and good counter against the enemy heroes. I also believe that individual skill is a big factor in games but strategies plays a bigger role in a competition. Also that strategy gives order in a team, it gives such cleanliness and confidence when you have a strategy. So with strategy you have a big chance to win a game, do not rely on individual skill but rely on the team's strategy.
Na'Vi with their captain, Puppey, picking in Captain's Mode.
Na'Vi with their captain, Puppey, picking in Captain's Mode.
But you can't make a good strategy without the brains. Every member in a team can make his own strategy but with a captain everything will be organized and clean. Also that a captain must possess such leadership, skill, and of course wit! He will make strategies and plays for the team. Without this wit, good strategies cannot be made. You need a brain that will know this game well. Also with wit anything can happen in the game.
So this game does not only teaches you to have fun but also teaches you how to be smart!